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Does your team have a common goal?
How do they communicate?
How do they deal with conflicts?
How do they make decisions?
Are they good listeners?
Are they result oriented?
Do they know how to provide feedback?
Do they work well together?

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Meet Our Team Leader… Linda Arsenault

Linda Arsenault

Linda Arsenault would tell you that she is just a foodie! Her passion for cooking brought her to publish Farmers in Chef Hats of Ile d’Orléans winner of “The Best Local Cooking Book” at the World Gourmand Cookbook Awards in 2008..  Her knowledge of cooking is based on fresh products. She was brought up on a farm in Quebec; her parents were fruit and vegetable producers. At age 12, she was already preparing  full meals for the family while they were busy in the fields. She  spent her childhood at the market promoting the family produce. In 2010, she published her second bestselling cookbook, Love On The Menu. She is  a Certified Business Coach and she is now working with Relish Cooking Studio leading our unique Corporate Team Building Program.

 Participants Testimonial

echosims team building 3

“Thank you Linda, Donna-Marie, and Maria for an amazing time on Thursday morning. It was a great experience that was more meaningful to our team than we anticipated. This morning we had a team meeting and have now implemented the idea for Matt and I to address one positive thing and something we want to work on each week as a team…. the exciting thing this week was how well we worked as a team and the thing we want to work on is punctuality!“

Jeff Horst, Echosims, Waterloo

echosims team building 4

“We had a great time.  Linda, Donna-Marie and Maria taught us a lot about ourselves and how we work together.  The tasks kept everyone engaged and interested.  We really enjoyed our discussion at the end of the session with LInda and have some great suggestions for implementing new strategies back at the office to improve our team communication.

Katrina, Schlumberger Water Services, Kitchener

echosims team building 2

The session was very good, and we said we would recommend it to others.  We provided some good feedback to Linda when we had our debrief around providing us with observations about where we could improve and build a stronger team dynamic.  Linda provided us with some good feedback, and I would say this is where business leaders are looking for value from the investment in a day like this.  It’s about having some fun together, but it’s also about raising the team’s and individuals’ self-awareness around where there are opportunities to improve, develop and grow.

Thank you again for a great session, and I will share my experience with our HR Business Partner and other colleagues who may also be interested in the experience you offer.

Take care,

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