News From The Cold Cellar

Time To Add A Splash of Sunshine
January 22

During these cold winter months when juicy peaches and plump berries are but a distant memory, it’s the season to savour citrus. Perhaps our appetites know that subliminally its cold season, but as soon as these gems hit the store shelves we seem inhale everything from tiny clementines to sweet tangerines and ruby red grapefruit. […]

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A Summer Salad To Make You Smile
August 26

More than ever, we have been taking advantage of the wonderful farmer’s markets in the Waterloo region that are bursting with fresh produce. Beautiful cobs of corn have made an appearance at the farm stands and it’s just about the only thing we want to eat.  Try and buy your corn from vendors as close […]

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Adding A Touch of Salad To Winter
December 23

Just as we began winding down from our retail sales and cooking classes for the season at Relish, we made a mental note that we still had one more article for the Waterloo Chronicle due before the end of the year. And then it hit us – we have just completed our first year of […]

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