Cooking Classes

Summer Tapas & Paella (Demo Class)

  • Monday, July 31, 2017
    6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

The best summer parties start with some great appetizers and finish with a great dish!

Tonight we add some Spanish soul to the menu by combining some of our favourite tapas (small plates) dishes with the national dish of Spain – Paella.  We’ll show you how to transform seasonal ingredients into classic, delicious tapas for easy summer entertaining. Then we’ll introduce you to the authentic ingredients of Paella – saffron, smoked paprika, chourizo and Bomba rice that make it so savoury and satisfying.  We’ll show you how to prepare the sofrito (flavour base) and share secrets for ensuring perfectly cooked rice every time.  So Join us and discover your inner Spanish soul with this menu of scrumptious small bites and one big delectable dish.

MENU: Warm Citrus & Herb Olives, Gazpacho Shots with Basil Oil, Chicken, Chourizo & Seafood Paella, Little Orange Cakes

Meet The Instructor:  Paula Costa

The lady with a keen palate and an unyielding culinary curiosity describes herself as “Just the girl next door….who can make your mouth water.” And she’s not kidding. Born in Kitchener, Ontario to a lively Portuguese family, Paula Costa began her culinary appreciation by dining at large, family gatherings. Back then, it was more about eating than cooking, and she admits to cleaning more dishes than plating them. It wasn’t until she was on her own, fending for herself, that she’d pick up the phone and place a call home, looking for directions and recipes she could recreate. Once she had mastered a few, she was hooked. Paula devoured cookbooks, cooking classes and spent time boosting her culinary skills with family and friends in the kitchen. She’s even cooked for Chef Norman Van Aken, legendary Father of New World Cuisine!

The food-obsessed blogger at The Dragons Kitchen, can whip up a Thai or Mexican meal, just as easily as she can an 11-course Titanic dinner based on the ship’s last dinner (which was written about in the New York Post April 2012!). But it’s her first love, the food of the Mediterranean – and Portugal in particular – that inspires her the most. Whether preparing a meal for at home for friends, or at her popular supper club events, leading a cooking class or catering for clients (saborosofood), food is Paula’s passion, and one she wants to communicate with others. In her words, “If you enjoy cooking, it’s not a chore anymore, it’s an expression of love.  That is what I want to share with people;  the love of cooking.” Stay tuned for her new adventure, where you can book her for a catering event or a cooking class or pick up a jar of her famous Piri Piri marinade.