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Summertime Pizza And The Grillin’ Is Easy
May 31

Back a few years ago, Donna-Marie took her first culinary trip to Italy Рthe Amalfi coast to be exact. While immersed in many cooking classes, it was her Neapolitan  pizza making class with Chef Valerio that still remains one of the highlights. He showed her how to make perfect thin-crust pizza and cook it in his wood-fired oven which was conveniently situated in the back of his house.

Now, not many of us have a wood-fired oven at home, but we certainly have some type of outdoor grill which makes an incredibly delicious crisp crust. The key to any great thin crust is high heat. High heat causes the dough to cook very quickly and become crispy on the edges and browned, like any good Neapolitan-style pizza.

If you don’t have a grill at home you can also get great results using a pizza or baking stone. The trick to using the stone is to pre-heat it at a very high temperature (450 – 475 F) in the oven for at least 20 – 25 minutes. We often have customers who try using a pizza stone, but are disappointed with the results. That’s because they are putting the pizza on a cold stone and then try to bake it in the oven. That’s a no-no. The other great tool is a pizza “peel”. This is a large wooden paddle that you dust with cornmeal. The cornmeal acts a ball bearings so that you can easily slide the dressed pizza onto the hot stone without removing it from the oven.

Today we are sharing our absolutely favourite Neapolitan pizza – lemon and mozzarella. If you have attended our pizza classes, you will remember we start you off with this delicious treat. Sorrento is know for their lemons and let’s be honest – limoncello. But this delightful treat is the perfect appetizer pizza and there is nothing better than a glass of bubbly or red wine and lemon pizza.

A RECIPE FROM OUR KITCHEN: Villa Adriana Lemon & Mozzarella Pizza

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