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Getting Game Day Ready
January 21

Donna-Marie couldn’t tell you the difference between a first down or a touchdown (Maria’s a far better football fan) but she earns her keep at the party for the game day food she brings along. Her happy place is in the kitchen BUT she always emerges in time for dancing when the likes of Justin Timberlake or Bruno Mars makes an appearance for the halftime show.

These bacon-wrapped chicken wings first made their appearance at a grilling class with our favourite firefighter chef, Patrick Mathieu and are featured in his cookbook Firehouse Chef – Favourite Recipes From Canada’s Firefighters. He left the wings whole and wrapped the bacon around the wingette/drumette portion, leaving the wing tip sticking out. This allows for a little “handle” to hold onto the wings. However, if you want them to go further, we like to split them, and just wrap ½ a slice of bacon around each wing half. The homemade sauce uses pantry staples (yes, even bourbon seems to be a pantry staple in our kitchen) and the wings are simply tossed in the sauce after baking. Be sure to save a little extra for dipping too.

So if you want to avoid Buffalo chicken burnout, give these beauties a try. You are guaranteed to score a touchdown with your spread before the game even begins!

RECIPE FROM OUR KITCHEN: Bacon Wrapped Chicken Wings With Bourbon Glaze

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