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Cleaning Out The Fridge For Chili
January 10

Happy New Year! If you are anything like us, the New Year is always the time for a clean slate. We get all gung-ho on changing our eating habits after all the holiday indulging (and from holiday we mean Thanksgiving to New Years!)

So now it’s time to rein it in and make some subtle changes. While they might not last all year, at least we are consciously thinking about being smarter in our food choices. For starters, we try and make January a dry month (so no alcohol) and Donna-Marie even likes to curtail her caffeine intake (at least for 10 days). We also tend to tighten our budgets and just eat out of the pantry and freezer while supplementing the shopping with only fresh ingredients. In fact, January is when we like to play a home version of “Chopped” by picking out random ingredients and trying to combine them into one dish. As luck would have it, Donna-Marie found a pound of frozen ground turkey, a can of black beans, some salsa, leftover celery and carrots from a veggie tray and a can of corn in her pantry so this delicious turkey chili was born. It’s a perfect meal for these cold winter days and the ground turkey makes it deceptively light. Why not try the experiment and see how creative you can get in your kitchen this January.

Recipe From Our Kitchen:  Turkey Salsa Black Bean Chili

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