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Exchanging Friendship Through Cookies
November 12

Have your invitations started to arrive? You know the ones, to the annual holiday cookie exchange? Our friend Kelly has hosted an annual event for the past few years. Really, this is just an excuse for the girls to hang out, catch up and casually indulge in some high calorie treats, prior to the craziness of the season.

So what will it be this year – chocolate crinkles, marzipan squares, Lynne’s mother’s Scottish shortbread? Donna-Marie is always partial to gingersnaps and the more gingery, the better. We have made a lot of delicious gingersnaps, but one recipe we made this year seemed to have stood out. Long before Julia Child, MFK (Mary Frances Kennedy) Fisher, the mother of modern food writing, spent time in France before returning to southern California in the midst of the Great Depression. She returned having been changed by everything she learned to eat and drink while living in Dijon. This recipe comes from a letter Fisher wrote to her biographer, Joan Reardon, that’s basically a run of apologies—for not getting back to her more quickly, for not being in touch before the holidays, and for not sending the gingersnap recipe, which is the recipe from Irma Rombauer’s The Joy of Cooking, but with triple the ginger. “They are wonderful for parties at the end of any long meal or drinking bout…better than anything else for traveling whether one is queasy or not.” She also specifies that these should be made very small (perhaps just so you can eat more).

If you are looking for more holiday baking ideas or want to host a cookie exchange, consider our upcoming baking class on December 2 – The French Cookie Exchange. In the meantime, have fun baking and exchanging with friends.


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