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Keeping Sunday Supper Traditions Alive
October 29

In 1975, eight Calgary-based women who all played in the same bridge club, headed off on a girls weekend. What started out we are sure as a chance to escape for a little getaway from family routines, spawned a series of Canadian cookbooks that have sold over four million cookbooks. For over 40 years, the Best of Bridge series and has become a staple brand in many home cooks kitchens.

The original Best of Bridge ladies were all about home entertaining, inviting people in and feeding them well. Now in its second generation of authors, their newest release “Sunday Suppers ” still focuses around the same premise. For many people, a Sunday supper is a great way to end (or start) the week, unplug for a few hours and just enjoy time around a table with family and friends. On Thursday November 16th , co-author Julie Van Rosendal will be autographing copies at our Relish Holiday Open House from 6 – 8 pm as she brings The Best Of Bridge – Sunday Suppers to Waterloo. If you are a fan of these cookbooks or you want to pass the tradition along to the next generation in your family, then order a copy today and drop in for taste of some of the delicious recipes found in the book. The food stains have already started showing up in ours!

We were intrigued with this Middle Eastern recipe that uses one of our favourite ingredients – pomegranate molasses. The dish is rich with walnuts and the unique flavour comes from this condiment, which can be found on our store shelf or in the international aisle of the grocery store.

Recipe From Our Kitchen: Yvonne’s Pomegranate Chicken



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