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Extending The Summer Into Fall
September 3

While the Farmers Almanac is calling for an extended summer, the routines of school and extra-curricular activities are back. Yes, those lazy days of casual dinners and snacking-on-the-go are over. With life about to get a lot busier, we like to stock our pantry with staple ingredients for easy to make meals. Items like fresh fruit and colourful veggies are a must. We also find ingredients like canned beans and lentils are so good to have on hand because they make easy additions to rice bowls, quesadillas, soups, salads and dips and canned tuna goes a long way to adding extra protein to any meal.

A hallowed out tomato makes a perfect baking vessel and tuna, white beans and breadcrumbs are the perfect filling combination. The beauty of this dish lies in these basic ingredients. It’s easy to make a gluten-free version by just substituting gluten-free breadcrumbs. And these tomatoes make an awesome next day lunch too. For a striking presentation, reserve the tomato tops with the stems attached and place them over the filling before baking.

If you are bored with your meal repertoire, then consider one of our fall cooking classes. Our 30 Minute Meal class on September 21 might just be the perfect option or consider our lunchtime offerings at our Learn @ Lunch event on September 27 or Final Fridays offered on the last Friday of the month.

Recipe From Our Kitchen:  Stuffed Tomatoes With Tuna & White Beans

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