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Lessons Learned At Summer Camp
August 20

Summer cooking camps have come to an end for another season. This year, our kids learned about how science plays a major role in making food come to life in the kitchen. We volunteered at the Working Centre’s community garden at the Hacienda Sarria, learned to make meals without recipes, created fermented and pickled dishes and studied how missing ingredients in baking can make all the difference to the overall texture of a cupcake. But basically, we had a blast just cooking for six hours everyday with a group of engaged and active tweens. We already have kids and parents sending us pictures of their finished dishes have made at home for family and friends with everything they learned at camp. That is the greatest compliment for us. Now it’s time to head back to the classroom, but hopefully they are armed with some key skills to be able to at least cook a few meals on their own and perhaps even teach their parents when they notice their improper knife skills or how you can just add pasta water to a skillet of vegetables to make a really delicious and easy meal.

This fall we have added PD Day cooking camps, our Families In the Kitchen classes continue and our Holiday Cooking Camp is posted online. If you are looking for ways to get your kids into the kitchen, consider one of these options. In the meantime, here is one of our favourite meals we made at camp. While we taught the kids to do it without a recipe, we will provide one for you. We like to think of this as a hot vegetable salad and many of the vegetables you will find in a mature summer garden.

Recipe From The Relish Kitchen: Linguine With Vegetables & Herbs

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