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Resolution Reset
March 19

Remember in early winter you resolved to eat better? And then winter laughed at your resolve tossing not one but several bad eating holidays onto your calendar – nacho-football Sundays, chocolate-laden Valentines, pancake Tuesday and not exactly at a time when days are outside exercise friendly and there is a bevy of fresh produce available.

Well, spring is officially here and you can still hit reset and start again. Besides adapting your eating habits, it’s important to start with cookware that helps create healthy dishes. Our Relish customers seem to see this as a good time to start spring cleaning their kitchens – out with the old and in with the new whether it’s a shiny stainless steel skillet or non-stick sauté pan. If you are trying to cut out unnecessary fats, non-stick cookware is a good choice, letting you sauté, sear and grill with minimum oil or butter and it’s best for dishes that require masterful spatula wielding such as omelettes, fish and crepes. In our Relish kitchen we tend to use stainless steel pans for much of our cooking. The key is to choose a pan that has a copper or aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel and the heavier the better (this is known as tri-ply). Lightweight pans burn food easily making clean up a real chore. Cookware that requires fat for browning aren’t worth having in a non-stick version since you need the browned bits that develop on the bottom of the pan. If a new pan or skillet is on your radar, then drop in and let us help you choose. Our Perfect Pan Sale continues until the end of the month with 25% savings on any in-store pan purchase.

One of springs first vegetables to make an appearance are radishes and we love to eat them piping hot! Blanching radishes helps preserve their vibrant colour and crunch while ever so slightly mellowing their natural spicy bite. This lovely French side dish is cooked in a skillet and is delicious served alongside a light chicken, fish or egg dish.

Recipe: Radishes with Lemon and Herbes de Provence

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