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Imperfect Produce Makes Perfect Frozen Treats
July 24

Remember when it was freezing and we thought summer would never Berry & Yogurt Creamsiclecome? Neither do we. Now that summer is in full swing, we’re all about keeping cool. And while the AC is fine and fans are dandy, frozen treats are our answer to keeping cool and tummies happy too.

Earlier this week, we noticed a plethora of fruit flies on our kitchen counter. Sure enough, there was a rogue cherry in the fruit basket that was causing the mad-fruit frenzy. Inevitably no matter how carefully you shop at this time of the year, there comes a point where the beautiful produce you purchase is no longer Instagram worthy. While you might be tempted to throw these specimens in the recycle bin, this is the perfect time to get creative.

Overripe fruit, often discarded because its appearance and/or texture is less than perfect, but this is when the fruit’s natural sugars (flavours) are at their peak. You can capture this fleeting moment of perfection by freezing individual berries or pieces of fruit on a sheet pan then bag them up for use in smoothies any time of the year. But summer calls for frozen fun treats. Homemade popsicles, while cute when formed with specialty molds can be made as simple with a paper cup and wooden stick. With yogurt, fruit and granola, you can even make popsicles for breakfast!

Recipe: Frozen Yogurt and Berry Creamsicle.

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