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Memories To Last A Lifetime
November 5

Vacations come and go, but my trip to the Amalfi coast in southern Italy, has memories that will last a lifetime!  I set out with three friends to explore the culinary landscape of this spectacular area and discovered all the hidden wonders that this picturesque region had to offer.  Our trip was arranged by Ciao Laura Culinary Tours (  Ciao Laura, LLC is the premier provider of cooking lessons, cooking school vacations and culinary based foodie adventures throughout Italy!  Adjectives like ” fantastic, grand, marvelous, terrific” can’t begin to describe our experience and, I can’t sing the praises enough for Ciao Laura!!!   The arrangements were exceptional and went far beyond the ordinary for a travel service.

Of course, it was the food that was the star.  From our farm tours and excursions to restaurant meals and cooking classes, the food we ate and wine we drank will remain just a sweet, sweet memory.   Zucchini flowers fried in their crispy batter, homemade wood-fired pizza topped with caramelized onions and pancetta, ricotta shortbread cake and lemon tiramisu made from fresh Sorrentine lemons were just a few of the delicacies we sampled along the way.  Now we must try and re-create these delicious dishes at back at home.  Somehow, the vistas are not the same, but as Ciao Laura says  “Let the flavours of Italy dance in your mouth and sing in your heart!”

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