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Aromatherapeutic Homekeeping
October 10

You know how every house has a fragrance. It’s indelible and visceral and  it imprints every time you walk in.  People always know when they have arrived at Relish…the great smells of something in the oven always seems to greet you.  However, we also need to clean up at the end of the day, using the best products.  That is why, we were so happy to discover the Caldrea line of housekeeping products.

Caldrea makes the very best cleaning products with the nicest aromas, and they clean exceptionally well.  As a company, they believe caring for your home should be as luxurious and healthy as caring for you body.  Their premier cleaning products are highly effective, consistently earth-friendly and an absolute pleasure to use.

Their countertop spray is not only eco-friendly and free of harsh chemicals, it is also blended with essential oils for fragrance.  Even as I’m scrubbing down our burners and the inside of the microwave, the scent of the citrusy “Ginger Pomelo” keeps me uplifted and motivated to keep going!  When we’ve finished cleaning, we love that our store smells fresh and natural, not astringent and harsh.

The dish soap, hand lotion, hand soap, and gift sets are exquisitely packaged, and we love the variety of refreshing fragrances: Sea Salt Neroli, Ginger Pomelo, Mandarin Vetiver and new to Relish – Basil Blue Sage. Caldrea products are lovingly crafted by people who delight in the sensual pleasures of fragrance, color, and the deeply-felt satisfaction of cleansing the home.

Stop by today and pick up a sample to try at home.


Sea Salt Neroli

Mandarin Vetiver

Ginger Pomelo

Basil Blue Sage – NEW




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