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A Most Delicious Read
September 10

Last summer, I was given a most “delicious” little read called  “A Homemade Life – Stories and Recipes From My Kitchen Table”  by Molly Wizenberg.  Molly is a freelance food writer from Seattle and creator of the award-winning blog “Orangette”.  Now I have to admit, I was not a big follower of blogs (never enough time), so I was not familiar with Molly’s work.  However, after reading this book cover to cover in about 24 hours (I couldn’t put it down), I immediately logged onto her blog to check it out.

A Homemade Life chronicles her relatively young life (well, she is only in her 30’s) through a series of essays that are wise and witty, each one ending with a memory of a recipe.  Molly takes you deeper into her world – from trips to Paris, first love found and lost, a family of food lovers, holidays and summer evenings around a table, unspeakable loss and unexpected love coming from a surprising quarter. Molly tells of meeting and falling in love with her future husband ending the book with the recipe for the simple chocolate wedding cake she baked for herself. Both touching and humorous, A Homemade Life is a collection of short stories as much about growing up and family as it is about food.

I gobbled this book up so quickly – like a giant bowl of chocolate covered popcorn, I almost cried when it was over.  I really wanted it to go on (are they still together, have they had children, what is she cooking today…just some of the questions my meddling mind wanted to know) I immediately sent a quick e-mail out to some of my “foodie” friends and colleagues.  A few had read it already (they actually followed the blog – who knew!) but many hadn’t (thank heavens I’m not the only one, slow on the pick up).  A Homemade Life will have you savouring each page and recipe and of course asking for seconds.

A Homemade Life – Stories and Recipes From My Kitchen Table

By Molly Wizenberg

Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2009

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